This is my report on ETCSEE 2024 in Budapest with 600 attendees from the power and gas sectors. Focus is here on inhibitors in gas trading and the (impeding) variety of clearing and settlement services.

PONTON Conference on 10 October 2024

Save the date: Annual PONTON Conference on 10 October 2024

Please save the date for our annual PONTON Conference on 10 October 2024. The venue will be conference spaces in our office building at Dorotheenstraße 64 in Hamburg, while the social event will be held in an exclusive rowing club along the scenic Alster lake.

Österreichische Energiegemeinschaften

Austrian energy communities have proliferated dramatically over the past two years. The reason is not only the pioneer spirit of the early movers but also a facilitating regulatory environment.

Meet the PONTON team at E-world 2024

The PONTON team is looking forward to E-world, held from 20 to 22 February 2024. 

Mehr Redispatch wagen

PONTON entwickelt die IT-Plattform DA/RE für TransnetBW. Sie beseitigt Netzebenen-übergreifend Engpässe auf allen Netzebenen.

Thomas Sonnenberg joins ACER REMIT Expert Group

We are excited to share the news that our colleague Thomas Sonnenberg has been selected to join the ACER REMIT Expert Group on Wholesale Energy Market Data Reporting and will advise ACER on transaction and fundamental data reporting.

PONTON Donates X-mas Marketing Budget to Charity

Before 2020, we sent Christmas cards and gifts to our clients each year. With COVID-19 nobody was in the office anymore, so that made little sense. We decided that year to donate the money we would have otherwise spent on Christmas cards, gifts and mailing.

Video on Grid Supportive Trading

Michael has produced a video on his intellectual brainchild – Grid-supportive Trading. This market design aims at a 2030 situation with 10-15 Million electric vehicles in Germany, 300-400 GWp renewable generation capacity, and a drastically increased likelihood of congestion in the power grids.

PONTON X/P Release für die AS4-Marktkommunikation in Deutschland

Our Swiss army knife for secure and robust market communication is availabe now in version 4.4.0. It supports the latest AS4 market communication requirements within the German energy sector.

PONTON Conference on 14 September 2023

We are excited about our upcoming PONTON Conference on 14 September 2023. The venue will be the International Maritim Museum of Hamburg, located in a historic dock building in the center of Hamburg.
We look forward to meeting you!

Meet the PONTON team at E-world 2023

The PONTON team is looking forward to E-world, held from 23 to 25 May 2023 in Essen. Our team will include our founders Michael Merz and Tilo Zimmermann and the management team. You can meet us as at stand 547 in hall 3. We look forward to meeting you!

AS4 Marktkommunikation

PONTON is a data exchange expert for over 20 years. For the German market communication, we adjust our software PONTON X/P to the German variant of the AS4 communication protocol.