The YIN-YANG-YONG of B2B integration




Use a standardised format for data exchange.

Use standardised technical processes for the integration of applications on each participant’s side.

Use standardised data communication protocols that dramatically reduce integration and operational effort.

PONTON – Pioneering in B2B integration since 2001.

Energy Sector

Renewable Energies

PONTON has supported the European energy sector throughout the entire value chain for 15 years. Although we have a focus on energy trading, we also support grid management and customer-related processes in general.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology

PONTON is one of the main players for business related blockchain applications. However, it is important to state that we are technology agnostic, that is to say we first discuss the business requirements before choosing the technology.


PONTON is a software company with a deep knowledge of the supported business processes. Through this role we have gained unique know-how not only in technology, but also in markets and regulatory regimes.


WRMHL – Blockchain Framework

Business applications within an industry consortium usually need more base features than core blockchain technologies provide. For this reason, we have built the blockchain framework WRMHL® (read “Wormhole”) according to our general B2B integration approach.

PONTON X/P Messenger

Our lightweighted messaging service PONTON X/P enables market participants to connect their local IT infrastructure to the network of its partners in order to exchange business related data. So far there are more than 500 users of PONTON X/P in Europe and North America.

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