Annual PONTON Conference on 10 October 2024

We are excited to announce our annual PONTON Conference 2024, which will happen on 10 October 2024 in Hamburg. The venue will be conference spaces in our office building at Dorotheenstraße 64, while the social event will be held in an exclusive rowing club along the scenic Alster lake.

The conference will kick off on Thursday, 10 October noon with an exciting keynote. Following the keynote, our conference will continue in the Open Space format during the afternoon. Open Space means that the audience turns into active participants, setting the agenda and discussing ideas on developments and new ideas in the energy industry with each other.

We have set up three parallel tracks for this discussion:

  • Network congestion, negative prices, security of supply: is it time for a new market design for power?
  • Renewables, PPAs and risk – how to close the gap between long-term financing and short-term trading?
  • Can we use Low Code to generate crystal clear use cases for better application of generative AI?

After the close of the Open Space conference, participants will have time to stop at their hotel, or alternatively walk to the dinner venue (ca. 3 km). The evening program on 10 October will commence with dinner on the top of the rowing club Alemannia 1866, located at An der Alster 47a.

On Friday, 11 October, we will offer break-out workshops for different client groups. All events on Friday will close by 14:30 latest.

Attendance is free of charge for clients of PONTON. To register for the event, please send a mail to events@ponton.de until June 30 and please indicate in which event(s) you will participate.

We are looking forward to welcoming you here in Hamburg in October!