Video on Grid-supportive Trading

Michael has produced a video on his intellectual brainchild – Grid-supportive Trading. This market design aims at a 2030 situation with 10-15 Million electric vehicles in Germany, 300-400 GWp renewable generation capacity, and a drastically increased likelihood of congestion in the power grids.

This market design aims at supporting synergies between the physics of grid congestions on the one side and trading as a market-based allocation on the other, based on the preferences of Millions of participants.

As we cannot ignore physics and as we support market-based allocation at the same time, there is no other way out than marrying the two.

Find out, how Grid-supportive Trading uses price signals to prevent congestions from the very beginning.


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If you feel now converted to “Grid-supportive Trading” market design, feel free to contact Michael – as even the longest journey begins with the first step…