EDA protocol switch accomplished within a few hours

On May 20, the Austrian energy sector migrated their data exchange infrastructure (“EDA” for Energy Data exchange Austria) within 4 hours to the new AS4 standard.

Trading Platforms for digitalised Commodities

This paper presents PONTON’s software deverlopments for the trading of non-standard commodities such as ball bearings or flexible electricity.

PONTON helps building a Trade Repository for Ukraine

In 2020, PONTON provided advice to the Ukrainian securities commission (NSSMC) on the provision of Trade Repositories based on Ukrainian law equivalent to EMIR, MiFIR and MiFID-II.


PONTON designed an energy market clearing service for Ukraine and the SEEGAS region.

NEW 4.0 successfully completed

To increasingly use renewable energies, PONTON has developed a platform for coordinating local flexibilities – the Energy Platform (in German: “Energieplattform”). Flexibility is traded here as the ability of producers or consumers of power to adjust their production or consumption to help mitigate grid congestions.


The Gridchain project has shown how to use an innovative balancing mechanism to mitigate congestions in local power grids.


ETIBLOGG supports local energy communities in their real-time trading of short-tern deliveries. This way, producers can sell their excess energy and buyers can use it based on a local price mechanism.

Active Distribution Grid Management

Grid-supportive flexibility is a solution to mitigate such congestions. In order to roll-out a standardized process for congestion management, Austrian DSOs conducted the project Active Distribution Grid Management in early 2020.

Michael’s Blockchain Book

This book provides an overview of the various types of blockchain variants. Pros and cons of these technologies are weighed against real-life business requirements.

Enerchain goes live

Enerchain 1.0 has been released.

How does the Tendermint BFT consensus protocol work?

Michael explains how the tendermint Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT) consensus mechanism works that has been used for the Enerchain project.