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AS4 Market Communication in Germany

PONTON is a data exchange expert for over 20 years. For the German market communication, we adjust our software PONTON X/P to the German variant of the AS4 communication protocol.

Anonymous Data Exchange for Supply Chains

In his paper, Michael gives an overview on what we cannot expect from blockchain but in which cases advanced privacy requirmenents can be satisfied. Decomposing blockchain and re-composing parts becomes an exiting exercise this way.

Why NOT Blockchain

Michael Merz has uploaded a new video on Blockchain technology. This time, it is even more critical than ever before.

Ponton X/P

The PONTON X/P Messenger (or PONTON X/P for short) is PONTON’s high-quality B2B integration solution with a proven track-record in several industries since 2001.

Enerchain Video

In this video, Michael explains how decentralised execution of energy wholesale transactions works. Enerchain was the most successful PoC project in the European energy space.


Enerchain was Europes most successful PoC project that demonstrated how energy transactions can be executed completely decentralised – for both wholesale trading and energy communities.

Danfoss Hackathon

PONTON’s Blockchain team won the Danfoss Hackathon, which took place at the Danfoss Research Lab in Ljubljana on 06 and 07 February 2020.


Standardised data communication alongside the paper supply-chain.

EDA – How does it work

This video presents how EDA works – the Austria interoperability layer for market communication in the energy sector. (in German)