Ponton X/P References

AS4 Marktkommunikation

There are more than 500 users of PONTON X/P in Europe and North America. B2B platforms and services leveraging the PONTON X/P Messenger include:

  • The equias Central Matching System, providing connectivity for over 130 trading organisations, including 24/7 processes such as eCM and eRR since the year 2004 (electronic Confirmation Matching and electronic Regulatory Reporting, see also: https://www.equias.org).
  • The EDA infrastructure („Energiewirtschaftlicher Datenaustausch” / “Energy Data exchange Austria“) enables standardized data exchange for the entire Austrian energy market, connecting over 240 grid operators and suppliers of power and gas (https://ebutilities.at) since the year 2012.
  • papiNet is a standard for the data format / communication / business process among the supply chain participants in the paper, publishing and print industry. PONTON X/P has originally been developed for this project in the year 2001 and papiNet participants have been supported since then (http://www.papinet.org). PONTON X/P is used by many of the papiNet participants for the exchange of orders, order confirmations, delivery messages, call-off messages invoices and other data in electronic form.
  • EEX Group uses PONTON X/P as its core data integration layer for the exchange of trade data between the group’s exchange and clearing platforms (https://www.eex.com).
  • Techniker Krankenkasse, the largest German health insurer, uses PONTON X/P for data exchange with various suppliers (https://www.tk.de).