At PONTON, we grow with our clients: We help young organisations ramp-up their business, standardise their IT processes, and build their mission-critical software systems. As our clients grow into the international league of critical infrastructure, we grow with them. We build core banking systems, we build and operate settlement and regulatory reporting systems for an entire sector and we build and operate the data communication infrastructure for electricity and power grid operators across a whole country.

Obviously, this is a demanding and IT security critical task. So, PONTON has met already for years highest quality and security requirements – which are now officially certified by TÜV Rheinland.

We are proud to have reached this new level of quality and security.

Continuous support is guaranteed

To mention one of our improvements: PONTON has performed a BCM test (business continuity management) that simulated our physical business location in Hamburg getting completely wiped out. The simulated event assumed a fire destroying all physical assets in our office. The test has proven our ability to switch-over or restart all necessary services and systems from off-site locations. In fact, we managed to package and deliver software patches to critical client systems within one hour. General support was available again within minutes.

The test was performed as part of our recertification under ISO 27.001 information security management. In addition, our clients require short-term response times without interruption – most of them are part of the critical infrastructure in the energy sector.

COVID-19 has shown that businesses can and must be able to handle adverse events, which can arrive quickly. We say thank you to our infrastructure and service teams who have prepared our internal processes for the demanding BCM requirements.