Product Information


PONTON E/A is our straight through integration software to adapt your ETRM System to the Equias services.

It supports reconciliation and reporting processes such as electronic Confirmation Matching (eCM) or electronical Regulatory Reporting (eRR) with hardly any user interaction. PONTON E/A is based on a generic database approach and can be easily adapted to various ETRM Systems. Thanks to change detection and trade lifecycle support, it will automatically retrieve new or updated deals from your ETRM system and writes back information such as UTI and matching state. PONTON E/A offers a user-friendly web GUI and can be configured individually. Features such as UTI generation, value mappings, and error handling ease your data integration and support your daily backoffice processes.

Regulatory reporting for REMIT or EMIR and keeping track of the amount of deals and their lifecycle events is a challenge and causes a lot of effort in your company? Getting all of your electronic and paper confirmations in line is consuming a lot of time in your back office? Coordinating Unique Trade Identifiers with your counterparties is a nightmare?

Our consultants at PONTON have been supporting many Equias integration projects and gained extensive experience with the biggest pitfalls on the way to a clean, cost-effective and complete approach for European regulatory reporting and contract matching. We have distilled our findings and best practices in a piece of software that is proven-in-use for 8 trading systems and at many client sites.

  • Straight-through approach: The PONTON E/A will handle a big share of deals without any user involvement. Rest is managed by exception, users will be directed to the issue that needs to be taken care of.
  • Deal tracking: Scan-for-change approach automatically reports lifecycle events (modifications, errors, early terminations).
  • Data integrity: Data correctness is ensured through confirmation matching and the same structures and mappings can be used for reporting.
  • Feedback integration: Store and show status information from the CMS in your trading system.
  • Easy ETRM adaption: No changes to your ETRM system core needed as E/A is designed to accomplish its mission without it.


  • XML generation and process integration for eRR REMIT Table 1/ EMIR CpML | eRR REMIT Executions (Table 1) | eCM counterparty and broker matching | Document generation for Fax Confirmation Matching
  • Straight-through processing: Most deals will be reported without any user involvement
  • Third- and Fourth-Party Reporting for eRR REMIT bilateral trades | eRR EMIR trades | eRR REMIT execution events | REMIT Non-Standard deals
  • Handling of mapping information e.g. Hub codes | Counterparties Framework Agreements | Locations | Units of Measure
  • Process Routing: Rule based routing of trade information to the relevant processes
  • UTI handling: Generation and storage of UTI’s | Customizable UTI algorithm
  • User friendly web GUI: Visualization of trade state | Exception Handling | Self explaining configuration and interaction
  • Available for different operating systems and database environments e.g. Linux | Windows | MSSQL | Oracle
  • Available for various ETRM Systems e.g. TriplePoint CXL & Gas XL | OpenLink Endur | OpenLink IRM | SunGard Aligne | SunGard Zainet | Allegro Development Allegro | Kisters BelVis | Other ETRM systems on request

Please contact us at or give us a call at +49.40.866275-450. We would be happy to give you more personalized information about our solutions or schedule a demo.

You are comfortable with your current Equias integration, but there is room for improvement or optimization at some points? You are interested in an additional feature for MiFID II position reporting? You want to get more insight into Equias processes or improve your performance through CMS training? Please contact for a tailored consulting offer.