Meet PONTON at E-World 2020

During the last few months, PONTON has successfully completed several software projects and launched exciting new initiatives. Trading of flexibility is the common focus of these projects, utilising PONTON’s competences in energy trading and grid management.

At the upcoming E-world energy & water exhibition we will not only demonstrate real-time trading of local energy but we will also present our solutions for dealing with redispatch potential management i.e. flexibility markets. Visit us at E-World in Essen. You find PONTON in hall 1 booth 318.

NEW 4.0: Trading of flexibility on the Energieplattform

Participants of the SINTEG (Smart Energy Showcase) NEW 4.0 project conducted various field tests during the 4th quarter of last year. PONTON’s decentral trading platform for regional power was utilised for the first time on a larger scale. This „Energieplattform“ offers regional OTC intraday trading, enabling producers to deliver physical power in real time. Reacting to short-term production related changes in their load profile, large consumers such as Arcelor Mittal can offer their energy on the “Energieplattform” to other consumers such as, e.g., aluminium producer Trimet who increases their consumption on a short-term basis.
Another scenario tested was the compensation of unexpected production peak of wind turbines by a power-to-heat installation of municipal utility Stadtwerke Flensburg. Several of such trading activities were showcased under real conditions and by real participants during the field test. The NEW 4.0 „Energieplattform“ not only serves as a market place for local power, it also automatically controls the actual plants based on the executed trades. Read more…

ETIBLOGG: Decentralised P2P Trading

The ETIBLOGG project, which is supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs (BMWI), enables P2P trading of energy in real time. It provides a local marketplace for producers and consumers where they can trade the upcoming 15 min interval at flexible prices. Suppliers of power determine a price corridor, in which participants can monetise unneeded excess power or cover unexpected residual demand.

The system, which PONTON has developed together with GETEC Energie GmbH and other project partners, allows each participant to be represented in the market with their own automated trading logic. A market simulation is impressively illustrated with a demonstrator on our E-world booth. You may also attend our ETIBLOGG session on local P2P trading on E-World.

Share the sun project in Austria

Citizens of “Neuhofen an der Krems”, a town in Upper Austria, are trading energy in their neighbourhood since August 2019. Unique to the project “share the sun”, or “d’Sunn teil’n” as the Austrian would say, is that it covers the entire cycle: price agreement between neighbours, allocation of physical deliveries from producers to consumers and including these volumes in the supplier’s monthly invoice. Between neighbours power is delivered at an agreed price. Within families, power may even be shared for free and power producers may also donate power for example to the local kindergarten. On top of that the users gain loyalty points for every killowatthour which was exchanged locally. The underlying loyalty system and the supporting smartphone App was provided by the project partner RISE.

It is a privilege for PONTON to develop this project together with Energie AG Oberösterreich. This utility has the ideal infrastructure at their disposal, the smart-meter-rollout is almost completed and the entire process of “share the sun” is digitalised.

EDA Flex: Data-Exchange infrastructure for gird operators

EDA is a standardised infrastructure for the exchange of energy data in Austria. Contrary to expensive central data hubs, which are required to compensate for inadequate standardisation with central logic, PONTON has launched a decentralised communication network already in 2012 which is available for a fraction of the cost of a central solution.

The EDA infrastructure provides the basis for the EDA flex idea which enables grid operators to manage redispatch potential by requesting it from or offering it to other gird operators. The communication on EDA flex does not create additional cost and all security features of the EDA infrastructure are re-used. Within the scope of the EDA Flex project, PONTON is developing together with grid operators a congestion management process, which offers high availability, a low cost structure, a short-time to market and which is combined with an innovative smart-grid approach.

PONTON X/P 3.9 release in March 2020 – incl. automatic fallback on backup infrastructure

The upcoming PONTON X/P Messenger 3.9 release contains several new features. For example, the new PONTON X/P Messenger version supports the automatic fallback on alternative communication channels. PONTON X/P enables administrators to configure backup communication channels that are automatically used in case of communication failures on the previously used channel. In case of the EDA infrastructure, balance responsible parties will use PONTON X/P to execute the critical nomination process primarily on the internet and configure secondary channels to fall back on private communication infrastructure.

PONTON E/A soon to support eSM

PONTON E/A is our straight through integration software to adapt your ETRM System to the Equias CMS. It supports reconciliation and reporting processes such as electronic Confirmation Matching (eCM) or electronical Regulatory Reporting (eRR) with hardly any user interaction. PONTON E/A is based on a generic database approach and can be easily adapted to various ETRM Systems. The next major step will be the integration of the new eSM (electronic settlement matching) standard, which will help you to automate the settlement process in your organization.