Project Reference

Enerchain – decentralised energy trading across the blockchain

Enerchain was Europes most successful blockchain-based project that demonstrated how energy transactions can be executed completely decentralised – for both wholesale trading and energy communities.

The Enerchain proof-of-concept started in May 2017 together with 44 leading European energy trading companies. over two years, PONTON has facilitated several industry-wide tests to perform the trading process without a central platform operator and to secured the blockchain infrastructure against potential cyber-attacks.

Enerchain’s underlying blockchain framework (WRMHL) is one of the fastest full-stack blockchain environments available: it achieves a blocktime of less than one second and an average end-to-end consensus time of only 200 ms. The system is particularly well suited for trading processes that require fast data synchronisation across participants.

Enerchain’s mission was to reduce entrance barriers for new market participants, level the playing field in terms of transaction speed, and give participants direct access to market data generated by themselves.

Michael Merz, Managing Director of PONTON says: “There are only few viable blockchain business cases, but those where a third-party role is replaced by a distributed infrastructure are most promising. Enerchain is the only project that has helped executing wholesale market transaction live and in a decentralised way. We are proud to be its creator.”

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