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EDA protocol switch accomplished within a few hours

From ebXML to AS4 within 4 hours for over 300 market participants

On May 20, the Austrian energy sector migrated their data exchange infrastructure (“EDA” for Energy Data exchange Austria) within 4 hours to the new AS4 standard.

PONTON is proud of having performed this migration for over 300 market communication participants without any frictions. We are looking forward to providing this AS4 infrastructure for the entire industry for the coming years.

AS4 has been standardised by OASIS as a secure and reliable communication protocol for business data exchange. The protocol follows the track that was paved by its predecessor standard, ebMS 2.0 since the year 2002.

The EU regulation 2015/703 of April 30th, 2015 established AS4 as the standard protocol for all natural gas transmission network users. By October 1st, 2023, AS4 will be mandatory as the communication standard also for the German electricity and gas market.