Project Reference

Clearing and Settlement System

PONTON developed a customised system to automate exchange clearing and settlement processes for electricity, gas and commodity transactions. The system meets the high requirements in terms of quality, availability (24x7x365) and regulation.

The system is an integrated clearing system for the financial settlement of electricity, gas and commodity transactions. As a solution of our customer, PONTON has developed the system to automate settlement processes for power, gas and other commodity transactions and to perform necessary customer interactions via a web-based self-service portal. Our customer has the status of a bank, is subject to the requirements of financial regulation and represents a critical infrastructure. Therefore, special security and due diligence requirements apply to software development, deployment and operation.

The system provides web-only interfaces for the users of the market participants and the internal staff of the customer. The system is based on a modularized software architecture that is operated 24/7, 365 days a year, in order to be able to process possible intraday trades on the connected exchanges at any time. In the self-service portal, market participants can check and export their completed trades at any time, request rebookings, manage trading limits, change master data and subscribe to data deliveries on XML and PDF basis. The has been able to handle transaction data growth of 100% to 200% per year in recent years.