Michael’s Blockchain Book

One of the most critical blockchain books on the market

This book provides an overview of the various blockchain variants. Pros and cons of these technologies are weighed against real-life business requirements. Beyond technology, Michael Merz shows us both how blockchain projects are tackled by the industry and also how they should better not be conducted. The book puts a spotlight on decentralized trading and how it is applied in the context of the energy sector and other industries. Based on a scenario for the year 2030, Michael shows us the link between the technology, blockchain governance, and how to implement decentralized software applications.
After all, this book also explains why blockchain technology is likely to fail in so many respects. The reader follows on each page how Michael weights the pros and cons of the technology.

Read the first half if you are interested in one of the best introductions to blockchain ecosystems such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, IOTA, or Hyperledger Fabric. Read the second half if you are interested in energy trading and how this may be supported by blockchain technology. Read Section 5 if you what to unterstand why nearly every blockchain project fails…

Readers’ quotes:

“It is a lucky situation for all those interested in blockchain, that a blockchain expert like Michael Merz writes a book and shares all his unique experiences and views.”, Prof. Dr. Jens Stücker, Hochschule ​Fresenius

„With his book ‘Blockchain for B2B Integration’ Michael Merz takes us to an insightful elevator ride through the ​world of blockchain. This leads from the managers’ hope for change over day-to-day technical pitfalls to​ his personal, exciting way towards decentralised trading ​in a digitalized energy market.”, Christoph Burger, European School of Management and Technology, Berlin.

“Das Buch von Michael Merz ist schlicht das beste Buch, das ich bis heute zu dem Thema gelesen habe (und ich habe viele Blockchain-Bücher gelesen). Klare Empfehlung!”, reader’s feedback on Amazon

“Das Buch von Herrn Merz beschreibt Blockchain Technologie in der Anwendung. Dadurch unterscheidet es sich sehr von den bisher verfügbaren Büchern über Distributed Ledger Technology. Die Mischung von Theorie und Praxis veranschaulicht sehr gut, wie viel Theorie am Ende der Praxis übrig bleibt: Von 100.000 Transaktionen pro Sekunde einer noch-so-tollen Blockchain bleiben in der Praxis gerade mal 100 Transaktionen pro Sekunde übrig.Diese agnostische Betrachtungsweise der Technologie hilft ungemein sich einen besseren Überblick zu verschaffen und treibt den Dialog voran, wo und wann man DLT sinnvoll einsetzen kann.”, reader’s feedback on Amazon

Where to get the book?

Amazon, English Edition, paperback
Amazon, English Edition, e-book
Amazon, German Edition, hardcover
Amazon, German Edition, e-book

Reading samples:
reading sample, first 38 pages
reading sample, chapter on energy trading with scenario 2030

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