Better Together

We don’t need a 5-star location or the Mediterranean Sea to have a wonderful time. It only needs us, PONTON!

What has almost been forgotten during the Covid pandemic, has firmly re-established itself in the last year: When we are together, our own unique dynamic is created. As well as everything may be organized, the spirit and atmosphere can only come from and through ourselves, the old and new “PontoNesen” (as we refer to ourselves). Our off-sites in Jesteburg and Mallorca, the regular get-togethers, the joint lunches organised by PONTON and our Xmas party bring us together again and again, despite the increase in home office, and create a sense of togetherness.

Outside of the daily office routine and projects, we get to know each other better every time. We can still be surprised when, during a karaoke evening, a colleague delivers an amazing rendition of „Marius Müller-Westernhagen“ songs, as if he had never done anything else. Or when the boss shares his poetry skills with us. Or indeed, when the very finest cocktails are mixed by colleagues at a get-together.

It only takes a small occasion and the PontoNesen are present and put their heart and soul into the event.

This sense of community is what makes PONTON what it is: a proficient, challenging, secure IT company with a high fun factor. And that for more than 20 years.