PONTON donates X-mas budget to charity

2020 was the first Christmas impacted by COVID-19 (Corona). Hardly anyone was in the office then, so sending X-mas greetings by mail made little sense. In that year, we decided to not send out Christmas cards and gifts anymore. Instead, we donated the money we would have otherwise spent to a Hamburg charity, Go Banyo. We sent e-mails to our clients, partners, and business friends across Europe, who encouraged us in this decision. In 2021, we donated to Hinz & Kunst, a Hamburg-based magazine sold by homeless people.

Now it is 2022, and COVID-19 is not dominating our work life anymore. It turns out that (partial) home office is here to stay though. Charity instead of mailings has become our tradition – this year, the PONTON team has selected a charity providing mobile medical assistance to people living on the street in Hamburg. We have donated three thousand Euros to Arztmobil Hamburg, the amount we would have normally spent on Christmas cards, gifts and mailing.

Arztmobil Hamburg is a volunteer organization providing ongoing medical care short of emergencies to homeless people. The organization runs three semi-trucks, and is staffed by doctors, nurses, and volunteers. We are thankful to the volunteers of Arztmobil Hamburg, especially in such cold and rough weather. We are proud to support their work and make Hamburg a better place for people in need.