With Low Code, PONTON enables its customers to drive digitalisation in the energy industry and to test innovative business concepts quickly and with little effort.

PONTON has recently started using leading Low-Code platforms for the agile development of individual solutions for the energy industry. This enables PONTON to realize software solutions, particularly those relating to the automation of business processes, significantly faster and more cost-effectively than with conventional development approaches, without compromising on quality.

This is achieved by the fact that Low-Code platforms with premade components and standardised modules offer a high degree of reusability, so that development can concentrate as far as possible on the logic of the actual use case, while still leaving scope for individual customisation.

By means of rapid prototypical implementations, Low-Code platforms enable early feedback loops from the customer. This brings the development process closer to the user and thus exploits the full potential of agile development.

Would you like to explore the suitability of your use case and to benefit from developing your application with Low-Code? Please get in touch with sales@PONTON.de

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