PONTON donates money saved on Christmas cards

Christmas 2020 is like no other in recent memory. Due to COVID-19 (Corona), offices are deserted, with paper mail piling up. In past years, PONTON sent out hundreds of Christmas cards and dozens of small gifts to our clients, partners and business friends across Europe. This would not work this year. So we have decided to do away with paper mailings this year, which would at any rate not have reached their recipients in time. This year, an e-mail will have to suffice.

Instead, we have donated five thousand Euros to GoBanyo, the amount we would have normally spent on Christmas cards, gifts and mailing. GoBanyo is a volunteer organization providing opportunities to take a shower and get clean clothes to homeless people in Hamburg, all in a refurbished bus touring the spots where homeless people congregate. Their slogan is “Waschen ist Würde“, or getting clean equals dignity. We are thankful to the volunteers of GoBanyo and proud to support their work in this time of need.

Wir unterstuetzen Go Banyo